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My Journey
Hi, I am Dan, the founder and creator of Memory Messaging.

This idea came to me after my father sadly passed away a number of years ago, I have always thought, why can't I get a happy birthday video from him, a merry christmas message a well done son video?

Unfortunately the technology wasn't there to do this.

Today it is, and I have my own son, and I don't want him to be in the same position as me.

So I set about creating Memory Messaging.
Have you ever yearned to capture a cherished moment, a sincere declaration of "I love you," or a congratulatory "good job" to revisit whenever you want?
My father's passing ignited a fire within me.
In the past, technology couldn't preserve those all-important connections,
and it left me feeling disheartened.

With having a son of my own, I knew I had to create something revolutionary.
And thus, my passion project, Memory Messaging, was born.

It is a means of immortalising love and support that transcends time.

This isn't about dwelling on loss, but rather celebrating the everlasting
echoes of happiness and motivation that shape us into our true selves.
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