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My Journey
Hi, I am Dan, the founder and creator of Memory Messaging.

This idea came to me after my father sadly passed away a number of years ago, I have always thought, why can't I get a happy birthday message from him, a christmas message a well done son message?

Unfortunately the technology wasn't there to do this.

Today it is, and I have my own son, and I don't want him to be in the same position as me.
So I set about creating Memory Messaging.

The core goals are

1 - Ease of use
The service has to be simple enough for even the less than average tech person to use, failing this I recommend getting a family member to assist.

2 - Accessible by all
To set a pricing plan that will be achievable by all.
A simple record, upload and a very low cost per minute fee.

3 - Sharable
To make it so that users can share their experience on social media and amongst friends and family if they wish to do so.

4 - Security
The service must be as secure as is possible.
Amazon web services (AWS) and Google store the recordings, these are 2 of the biggest and most secure companies on the planet.

5 - Work with partners other than individuals
End of life planning and talk is generally a 'behind closed doors' subject.
So with this in mind, we do not actively promote our services to individuals, although it
is for individuals to use,  we mainly focus on partnering with facilities who assist and
accommodate peoples needs and requirements.
It has been a long (18 months) journey, planning, preparing, designing, creating and all the other 1001 things a long the way, but we finally got here and the response has been, mind blowing to say the least.

As you can tell from these words, I speak from my heart and only want to deliver an excellent value for money service to people I have been in the same position as, and help them with a service I could only wish for.

Memory Messaging can be used for celebrate a Birthday, Wedding anniversary, or to build and rebuild bridges sometimes broken in the only way families and loved ones can break them.

I sincerely hope your Memory Messaging journey is a pleasant one, even though it may be a tough time for all concerned.

If you have any question, comments or suggestions for me then please email
For the attention of Dan
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