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Top Tips
First choose a room, place or area suitable for your recording, select an area where you wont be disturbed by anyone

Make sure there is adequate lighting in the area chosen, take some sample photos or a sample recording on your device

Always remember, you may be doing this recording to be received in 5 or 10+ years time so bear this in mind when your talking

Writing down bullet points is a top tip, it will keep what you have to say structured and on course, and help you remember the goals that you want to achieve in the video, some clients prefer a script so bear that in mind too

It may take a few attempts to get it right, don't be afraid to rehearse and re-record you video and have fun with it

If there is more than one person in the video, think about seating and who is going to say what and when

Your video should be natural and from the heart, have fun with your video(s) and enjoy the experience, you are creating memories for your recipient(s)

Please pre-record your video prior to your purchase, this make the process smoother

If you need any help or want to ask us a question, message us here
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