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Reasons To Use Our Service
Imagine you have a child or children, no one knows whats round the corner, and you want to leave them a happy birthday video message for their 18th, 21st, 30th birthday in case you cant be there on the day or you're not around 

Well now you can leave them a video message to be received
when you choose

The videos can be for any occasion
Birth of a child

Anything you can think of or just random days to remind the person you love them
A lot of clients use our service is if they are not in 100% full health and want to leave messages via video to loved ones.
It could be a birthday, wedding day, graduation, special occasion or just a message of love

Maybe it's an event or celebration in a different country or time zone which you can not attend, and you would like your recipient to receive your video message at a specific time

You can leave messages for up to 20 years in the future

Your message will be electronically delivered on the time and date you specify
There are 100's of reasons to use a Digital Memory Box

Residents use to leave video messages for loved one, friends and family.

End of life charities
Utilise Memory Messaging for the same reasons as Hospices do.

Mental health sector
Promote Memory Messaging as a self improvement tool.

Sports and Fitness clubs / teams
Incorporate this as an improvement/development aid, setting targets and goals.
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