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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does It Work?
In a nut shell, we send your video(s) to your recipients on a date and time you specify

Why Would I Use This Service?
There are 101 answers to this, imagine you have a 15 year old child, no one knows whats round the corner and you want to leave them a happy birthday message, in case you can't be there on the day or you're not around, well now you can leave a video message to be received by them on that day

Please also see our Reasons To Use Page

Is It Expensive?
Not at all, only £2 per minute video upload

What Occasions Should I Consider?
The videos can be for any occasion
Wedding days
Birth of a child

Anything you can think of or just random days to remind the person you love them

How Do You Send The Videos?
We send to all the contact information you provide
with your videos

How Many Videos Can I Upload?
As many as you want, it's unlimited
The FREE trial is for a 1 minute video only

How Long Are Videos Kept?
All videos are kept for 30 days after the send date you have given us, even if its 50 years in the future

Where Do You Keep My Videos?
All our videos are kept in safe secure cloud storage on 2 servers, with 2 mirrored cloud accounts, 1 serving as a back up to add extra security and 2 physical hard drives
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